Anza-Borrego Desert Lecture 2
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Lecture: Curiosities Of The Desert #2
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Little-known & unusual inhabitants of Anza-Borrego Desert
State Park, incl. insects and many spectacular wildflowers.
Images Taken With Sony DSC-T9 & T-10, Sony DSC-HX9v, Nikon D-40x & Nikon D-90
with 60mm Micro Nikkor AF-S F/2.8G ED Macro Lens and Phoenix Ring Flash.

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  1.   Changes In The New Jepson Manual!

            Why Acacia Was Changed To Senegalia

  2.   Locoweeds: Largest Genus Of Plants

  3.   Devil's Claw: Hitchhiker On Big Animals

            Wayne's Best Images Of Devil's Claws
            The Ultimate & Most Painful Hitchhikers
            The Amazing Cocklebur: Natures VelcroŽ

  4.   Nemacladus: Minute Beautiful Wildflowers

            Nemacladus In Henderson Canyon
            Nemacladus In Moonlight Canyon Wash
            The Rare Nemacladus Twisselmannii

  5.   Wild Canturbury Bells & Desert Bluebells

            Desert Bluebells In Henderson Canyon
            Desert Bluebells At Joshua Tree Nat. Park

  6.   The Remarkable Milkweed Flower

            Milkweed Bugs On Climbing Milkweed
            True Bugs (Hemiptera = Heteroptera)

  7.   The Cryptic Cryptanthas (Popcorn Flowers)

            Cryptanthas In Moonlight Canyon Wash
            Cryptantha Species On Wayne's Word

  8.   Pencil Cholla In Full Bloom

  9.   Lichens: Marriage of Algae & Fungi

            Lichen Species On Wayne's Word

10.   Petrified Wood In Western United States

            Petrified Wood In Anza-Borrego Desert
            Fossil Sea Shells, Oysters & Sand Dollars
            Petrified Wood In Northern Arizona
            Fossilized Dinosaur Poop From Utah
            Fossilized Liquidambar Fruit Utah
            Fossil Figs From Montana Badlands
            Petrified Forest National Park
            Petrified Wood Taxonomic Problem

11.   Unusual Names Of Desert Wildflowers

            Another Species of Desert Trumpet

12.   Pilostyles: A Most Unusual Wildflower

            Dyeweed & Harvester Ants
            Harvester Ants and Filaree

13.   Moth Lacewing In South Palm Wash

            More Images Of The Order Neuroptera

14.   Ground Mantid In Palo Verde Canyon

            More Images Of Preying Mantids

15.   The Bizarre Palm-Boring Beetle

16.   Interesting Orb Weaver In Butler Canyon

            Links To Spiders & Insects 1
            Links To Spiders & Insects 2

17.   Southern California Mites

            Scorpions & Ticks

18.   Sand Cockroach In Coyote Creek

            More Images Of Cockroaches

19.   Mexican Jumping Beans

            California Jumping Galls
            Jumping Bean vs. Jumping Gall

20.   The Terrible Sahara Mustard

            Another Mustard In San Diego Co.

21.   Baja California Figs & Their Wasps

            Coevolution Between Fig & Fig Wasp